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2016 NFL Regular Season Thread


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1 hour ago, '7' said:

I would still rank him bottom 1/3rd of qb's but...towards the top of the bottom third.

I just wonder though, if the Jets get rid of Bowles and get cold shouldered by every coach worth a damn that will potentially be out there.. Rex will be hanging out there.

My formula in ranking where a QB is in the NFL, has always been simple. "Name the one's better in the league" -- If the list stops at 5, 10.. or even 15 (arguably) ..then it's easier to make a case that you have a legitimate STARTER. If you start listing 20-25 other guys that you'd prefer over your guy (which is where I imagine Bills fans are with Taylor) then you really don't have anything more than just an average guy. Two back-to-back seasons @ 8-8 aren't "failures" imo, with a bottom ¼ QB.

..and regarding Rex returning, I can absolutely see it happening. The only reason why it would get more media scrutiny and hyperbole, is because it's the Jets.. but honestly, WHO GIVES A FVCK! The two years that saw him win 20 regular season games, and 4 more playoff games shouldn't be overblown.. but you can't erase them either. I'm not saying it would be like when the Redskins brought back Joe Gibbs. --that wouldn't be fair, Gibbs won Superbowls. But Rex did have success here. If Lou can bring back Larry 3 different times.. and George can bring back Martin 5 different times.. then why can't Woody call in Rex to take a HC'ing spot that seemingly no one else would want anyway??

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I also think that Woody has perhaps been driven to the point (and according to reports he is very irritated and very anxious to win...which can be a good or bad thing) that he just may open the wallet and make an enormous offer to a Cowher, Gruden, or Harbaugh. One they couldn't refuse. If something like this were to ever happen...NOW is the time. The Jets are a laughingstock now, Bowles tenure has descended into Kotite levels of incompetence. THIS is the time to make the big move...at this time Hess finally made the move to Parcells and even though Parcells didn't finish the job (as we learned he never does in Dallas, NE, and Miami) but he put in the infrastructure to stabilize things.

Things aren't quite as dire as Kotite level, we were 10-6 last year...but if Bowles is retained I'm telling you they will be 4-12 in 2017 as well. 

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