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Devils to reveal 'One Jersey' initiative

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7 hours ago, Brick City said:

The Devils did indemnify the Flyers along with the Rangers and Islanders:


I am pretty sure we have territorial rights to the whole state. Not sure why team does not push the issue more; however, I do get that it would be tough for MSG to get carriage in south Jersey. This is where the Devils would really need their own RSN (which I do not think they are popular enough to justify) that covers the entire state.

But what if that network included some combination of Rutgers, Seton Hall, Princeton, Rider, and Monmouth sports coverage (especially Rutgers football and Seton Hall basketball)? I imagine it would be a win-win to get these programs the coverage they certainly deserve and don't get, and would draw more casual audience for the Devils. It would be great for these groups to sew themselves together as a singular sports culture and market instead of being fringe programs in the NY market. Seton Hall and Monmouth both have competitive basketball programs, and they don't get consistent local attention outside of their communities. No one knew Rutgers had a football team until 2006. Princeton has D1 hockey. There's an endless amount of things this network could cover, and a HUGE market it would serve. There are other D1 sports programs in the state I didn't mention, minor league baseball. The station could carry certain specific college conferences (the Big East, MAAC, ECAC). If Oklahoma, Utah, and Indiana can support rsns, Jersey certainly could.

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