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GDT: Game 6 - Devils vs Coyotes - 7PM


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32 minutes ago, Satans Hockey said:

If I didn't like my seats so much I would save a ton of money going the stubhub and Facebook cheap ticket route for the Devils.

Seat location is the only reason I renewed this year, and I think it's probably not going to be enough to hold me next time around. My wife's work schedule makes it nearly impossible for her to get to weeknight games, and now that they've made it harder to sell (or even give away) the spares I'm expecting it to be more trouble than it's worth going forward. We'll see how it goes this season, but I believe this is my farewell tour.

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8 minutes ago, Ralliart90 said:

I went at like 645 and they didn't have anymore at the home opener. :( 

I must have gotten lucky cause I didn't get there much before that and got one, I didn't realize those sold out. 

The Marty ones were sold out pretty quickly. I'd be surprised if these sold out every single night but who knows. We have a lot of idiots that buy a ton of these things to try to flip them for way more then they are worth. 

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Not a good start...geez guys, could you make life easy for Cory just once?!

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16 minutes ago, MadDog2020 said:

Stupid sh!t like that pass will get you nailed to the bench.

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Find my patience growing shorter with him by the game.  

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