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GDT: Toronto Maple Lous @ Devils


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Wow, what a character win.  Very fortunate to get the two points, and definitely don't wanna play too many games like this game regarding the d-zone coverage and mistakes. But the compete level of this team was tremendous.


  • CF%: 53.16 (42 to 37)
  • FF%: 53.97 (34 to 29)
  • SF%: 50.00 (24 to 24)
  • SCF%: 37.93 (11 to 18)
  • HDCF%: 38.46 (5 to 8)
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Oh, this was a lot of fun - well, besides the first of course.  They were dumping the puck in a ton during the first but somehow this worked out in the later periods; the Leafs struggled to get pucks out of their zone and the Devils' forecheck really capitalized on some Leaf mistakes.

Cammalleri having 4 points and 9 shots on goal was also pretty good.

I like what Zacha does on the ice but once again I see him not credited with a shot on goal.  What he's doing isn't resulting in shots for himself.  It's troubling.

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Gotta keep Josefson just for his play in the shootouts alone.  That puck came off his stick and he barely even moved.  The goalie had no idea it was being released and it went right upstairs top shelf without him having a second to react.  A thing of beauty. 


These are the types of games/wins that can turn a season.  We've been on the other end before and in the Leafs position which would come back to haunt us later in the year, but being in the winning side is a huge confidence booster and they gotta keep this in mind the rest of the season.  The mood should be really upbeat right now and the guys should all be able to enjoy Thanksgiving tomorrow then get back to work on Friday ready to go.  

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2 minutes ago, Marshall said:

Lots of fun reading this with the benefit of hindsight, haha.

Attended the game tonight, and after what a crazy wild comeback it was, one of my first thoughts was of the live thread and how it must've looked the first period, lol. What a game!

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