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GDT - Canucks @ Devils, 7 PM, MSG+2


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1 hour ago, DevsMan84 said:

JJ>Zacha anyways.

I don't agree with that. I've been fairly impressed with Zacha so far. Especially defensively. Although I'm suprised to see he's -11. He's made some nice plays while backchecking, and he's certainly going to score more goals than JJ.

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53 minutes ago, SMantzas said:

I don't like Kakinin over JJ

neither do i particularly but mybae they feel kalinin is a better replacement for zacha's pp role. JJ has been used on the half boards before but kalinin would be better for screens and crashing the net.

IDK just spitballing, they may not even use him on the PP lol

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I don't like Kalinin at all...does he do anything??

At least Zacha is young/developing. He has had some great moments and he may develop into a great talent. I do not think that will ever happen for JJ. 

In any event, lets disregard the negatives, let's hope the offense keeps rolling off the big comeback and that Cory has his $hit together. 


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LGD.  I like our chances tonight, probably because of the way we finished last game.  Zacha out hurts, and I don't like Kalinin as the fill-in, would much rather see either JJ or even Quenville get an opportunity at this point, but it is what it is.


Anyone know what the gameday poster looks like?  I think they're cool and just curious.

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34 minutes ago, Crisis said:


Sweet, thanks.  That one's not too bad.

13 minutes ago, MadDog2020 said:

Bennett back tonight, Quenneville back to Albany: https://mobile.twitter.com/AGrossRecord/status/806215659009044480

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I don't get it, so we called Quennville up for two games, which forced us to waive Boucher, he gets claimed, then we send Quennville back down after not playing at all, and we bring back up Bennett who, in my opinion, hasn't done a damn thing in the first 25% of the season so far.

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There is no good reason for the Canucks to be on a 5 on 3 after that careless hit by the a Canuck. 

They're calling back goals on sketchy "offsides" that happened 30 seconds ago but you bear the brunt of a dirty play and lose a bleeding injured player and are shorthanded? Pathetic.


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