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GDT - Canucks @ Devils, 7 PM, MSG+2


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There is no good reason for the Canucks to be on a 5 on 3 after that careless hit by the a Canuck. 
They're calling back goals on sketchy "offsides" that happened 30 seconds ago but you bear the brunt of a dirty play and lose a bleeding injured player and are shorthanded? Pathetic.

Not just short handed... Down two men for a FULL TWO MINUTES. [emoji35][emoji35][emoji35]

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5 minutes ago, Ralliart90 said:

At the game. There is blood on the ice. What's the final rundown on pentalties? Can't hear anything over all the booing and "ref you suck" chants. 

I believe it is 2 min instigator to Moore. 5 min fighting major to Moore. I heard 10 min misconduct to Moore as well which I think means he is thrown out of the game? and then the cherry on top was a 2 min bench minor for Hynes telling the refs that they can stuff there calls where the sun don't shine.

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O'Rourke is the same a$$hole from game 6 of the 2012 Finals. In the last four plus years, it's nice to see he hasn't gotten any better at his chosen profession. [emoji35]

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And lost TWO players for the game in that sequence 

Zajac probably has a concussion. Just terrific. [emoji35]

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