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GDT - Canucks @ Devils, 7 PM, MSG+2


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Just now, MadDog2020 said:

He draws at least a penalty a game too. I've really liked Wood's game so far.

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He dumped the puck around the boards and then went to the other side to chase it down himself lol. Kid is fast

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1 minute ago, Mike Brown said:


  • Solid effort
  • Hopefully Larsen is ok.
  • Sedins are still very good.
  • Really liked the Bennett - Kalinin - DSP line tonight
  • Greene had kind of a rough game tonight


  • CF%: 57.63 (34 to 25)
  • FF%: 58.33 (28 to 20)
  • SF%: 53.13 (15 to 13)

Thanks Mike, Also liked Bennett, Kalinin, and DSP.   Scary last minute of play. But we got the "W"

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Solid win.  Held the Canucks to 24 shots even though the Devils led most of the game - that's a return to form.  Some missed offensive opportunities but in general I like how they played tonight.  Referees were awful, but we all knew that already.  I thought the Kalinin line would get pushed around, but actually the opposite happened, so that's nice to see.

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