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The Disheartening Thing...


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I don't like the job Hynes is doing, and haven't even before they hit the skid, but firing him isn't going to solve anything. It's not as if this is one of the old playoff teams and you can him to get immediate results. It's about developing a roster and system right now. You're not going to call up Paul MacLean or Lemaires and get this team moving in the right direction. I think Shero knew Hynes would be as big a project as any on this team. Long term, no, I don't think he's the guy. Systems aside, he doesn't have the team playing the right way. No emotion, mentally weak. That's not going to raise any banners. Hynes is Shero's guy, and he wants him cutting his teeth with the rest of the group. Maybe when there's a competitive squad here he'll have figured it out, but if not, I bet Shero reassigns him within the organization and hires another one of his USA Hockey cronies.

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This team seems like one of extremes. Skill aside, you don't come back like the game against NSH or steal as many points in OT as this team has so far this season by having no heart or being mentally weak. On that note however, there are some games/periods where they have looked like they never wanted to come off the bus.

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