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GDT: Game 29 - Devils @ Blues, 8PM MSG+2


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Disappointing yet not surprising.  Can't help but wonder how mental this is becoming for Cory.  Gotta be the worst stretch of his career by a country mile.  

These daily reminders of how far the Devils are from contending are really becoming depressing.  Looks like we'll be talking draft position by the end of the month.  Bummer.  

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  • Sending down Auvitu was a stupid decision.
  • Sitting Bennett and Parenteau I can understand, but I still wouldn't have done it.
  • Kalinin needs to sit.  I like him, but he's been totally useless.
  • None of the goals were Schneider's fault.
  • But what led to the 3rd goal was his fault.  Shattenkirk's wrist shot right to the logo has no business bouncing back out.  If he freezes that shot, none of the sequence that led to Pietrangelo's goal would have happened.  It was a sick pass by Tarasenko though.
  • Yakupov's goal is a perfect example why shot quantity is more important than shot quality.  Same thing with the Lehtera deflection goal, and even Tarasenko's goal.  3 of the 4 Blues goals came from low danger shooting areas.


  • CF%: 45.04 (41 to 50)
  • FF%: 45.45 (30 to 36)
  • SF%: 46.67 (21 to 24)
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2 minutes ago, jagknife said:

This is true, I'll be on the East Side of Mississippi so I could possibly procure some Yuengling....

Go with scotch...that will get you to the promised land much quicker...

1 minute ago, Martyisth3b3st said:

I can't remember a more disherartening stretch of Devils hockey in years. I am not sad, I am not mad. I am disappointed.

I'm disappointed, but not in the team...more the reality of what the team is and will be for the immediate future.  As much as I thought this team would have a tough time exceeding last season's point total, I didn't want to BELIEVE that.  I wanted to be surprised.  It's starting to feel like no progress is being made, and that's got me bummed out.

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2 minutes ago, Satans Hockey said:

Can we just pick a new captain now? Pathetic. 

Greene "I think tonight was a step in the right direction, I think we  played a little bit better and a little bit tougher but we gotta take it up another notch and continue to play harder and not feel sorry for ourselves."

Ultimate losers mentality right there. Congrats Captain.

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