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GDT: Game 29 - Devils @ Blues, 8PM MSG+2


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The Devils aren't going to end up with the first pick without some lottery luck or horrible injuries; they are 7 points out of last with their All-Star goalie playing like he's below average for the last month.  Arizona is really fvcking bad - they've probably played better than their record.

The draft offers no immediate solutions.  We finished 6th to last in 2015 and that pick isn't even really doing anything yet.   

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1 hour ago, Triumph said:

You've gotten in insult matches with half the board at one point or another.  Here is another one.  I'll let you have the last word, though.

Pot meet kettle. 

It hasn't been nearly as bad over the last year or two with us as it used to be, especially after I told DM after a particularly bad one where he had to intervene that I will not engage with you unless you engage with me first or if our responses to each other are at least cordial.  However you decided to go out of your way (again) to insult me and my post, so I engaged back with you.

Thank you for letting me have the last word though.  I really do appreciate it.  Just don't bother to go out of your way (again I have to say) to engage with me unless you can converse like an adult.


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