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GDT - Devils vs Flyers 12/22/16


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1 minute ago, Devilsfan118 said:

Anyone notice the elbow on Bennet at the end there?

Man fvck the Flyers, I will always hate that team.

I didn't even mention this, but yeah that too.  No idea how both refs missed both things at the end - the only thing I can think is that they didn't want to call a penalty because that would lead to another scrum.

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  • Easily the best effort of the season, and first really impressive victory of the season.
  • All it took was what I've been preaching which was be more aggressive in the defensive zone.
  • Still I would like to see more shots on net from the offensive side.
  • I give him a lot of crap, but Merrill has been solid this year.
  • Also, really thought Schneider played great even with the limited work.


  • CF%: 45.45 (25 to 30)
  • FF%: 50.00 (22 to 22)
  • SF%: 51.52 (17 to 16)
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certainly nice to see. this was like a vintage devils game from years past even down to the relatively easy shutout. i'm glad cory got it - man did he need it, but the devils did all the right things to make it a relatively easy night for him.

lovejoy is like vintage daneyko with the puck - it's like a grenade that he's gotta get rid of no matter the cost.

as for zacha - the only thing i kept thinking is that his stick is too big. he seems to struggle to make the "nifty" plays close to his body or corral a puck that isn't pretty perfect because his stick is so damn long.

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Anyone who makes a run at hall needs to have the butt end of our stick under the visor.. that needs to stop before it becomes the norm.. good job

it was a cheap shot on kalli, shoulder to the face!! but it got the boys fired up, and they responded.. thank goodness we beat these thugs

still need to clean up some horrible passing in both zones, cory was saving some asses last night

btw, I kept looking at the bench to see if janssen and deboer were there

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Happy for the Devils...we all know they needed it badly, to a man.

Suffice it to say that my daughter LOVES olde-time hockey, lol.  She never saw a game with so many scrums.  

Like that Shero basically called out players and put it on THEM to try to turn it around.  Gotta start somewhere.

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