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New Years 2017


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First let me wish that each of you and your family have a healthy New Year in 2017. Health is so important. 

As for our roster some of this is hind sight but this is where I see us today. 

We should have traded Greene for Hall not Larsson. 

Our first line should have Hall on LW, then we need a center and RW

Our second line Zajac as center and we need a RW and LW. 

Our third line has Henrique at LW and Palmieri at RW and we need a center.

Fourth line Wood at LW with  Parenteau at RW and we need a center


!st need two players

2nd line need two players

3rd line Autivu and need R player

Goalie 1st need a goalie during rebuild

            2nd Kinkaid

Send to Albany:

Zacha & Lappin 

Trade the following for picks or players or get rid of:

Bennett, Cammalleri, Fiddler, Gadlic, Josefson, Kalinin, Savard, Smith-Pelly, Greene, Lovejoy, Merrill, Moore, Quincey, Severson, and surprise Schneider.

Very tough task but if not we will live with this for 4 more years. Consider in two years we have only improved by getting Hall. 



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8 hours ago, Marshall said:

Then you can link said report. I've read the Friedman piece where he says they talked about Gelinas and Merrill, but not in exchange for Hall, which is very different.

Yeah not sure it was for Hall, Marshall, I just remember reading that they were interested in him [Gelly] and a pick at some point. Sorry man, definitely wont be able to find it.

One thing for sure, it wasn't Mr. 3% accurate either

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