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GDT - San Jose Sharks @ New Jersey Devils - 12:30 PM


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First game post-bye week and the Devils are five points back of the second wild card slot (honestly I expected worse, not playing for a week, but the standings broke somewhat well).

Schneider in net, Moore back from his concussion, and Taylor Hall bobblehead night. If this game could mirror my first ever Devils game (5-0 vs Sharks in 1993) that'd be swell.

(As an aside...if anyone gets an extra or doesn't want theirs or goes with a Sharks fan who doesn't want a likeness if Taylor Hall in their home, do hit me up. Won't be going & tue is the first bobblehead game I'll have missed since they started doing em again.)

Let's go Devils!

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I posted this in the poster thread, but to anyone who may be there today, they're selling all of the game posters to date in the lounge. If anyone can somehow grab me the Marty statue dedication poster from October, I'll send you the $ for it. Thanks. [emoji106]



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7 minutes ago, NJDevils1214 said:

LGD. If I was a Sharks fan in CA I'd probably miss this game lol.

I'm MST and not an early riser so it is a challenge.

I didn't realize that Brent Burns has 57 points, wow, cover the points

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