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2017 NHL Trade Deadline Thread


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11 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

That's kind of funny.

I also think its funny that people on this board are upset by the return we got for Quincey. People have been calling for his head all season and talking about how much of a liability he is. Is it really that ponderous that nobody wanted to give up a 3rd round pick for a guy who can't play any defense?

And, I would add, I hated his stupid beard and I am glad I don't have to look at it anymore. 

But now you have to look at Shane Harper's hair:


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Meh. This trade deadline has been pretty underwhelming overall. The only surprises are coming from players who with with their respective team for more than a season being moved (i.e. King, Hansen, Deharnais). Other than that an over the hill Iginla joins the Kings a couple years later than he should have.

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PAP's finger isn't broken and he claims he should be able to play in about six days.


Pretty solid pickup for Nashville then, considering the cost.

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2 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

I just realized, I have tickets for the game against CBJ on Sunday. I have to look at his stupid beard in a different uniform!!

Imagine if Harper gets a call-up and he and Quincey get into a scuffle, and Harper's helmet comes off.  Are there any winners here?

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1 hour ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

PAP probably nets a 3rd or 4th if healthy.  Rotten timing.  Sometimes sh!t just happens.  Or if you're the 2016-17 Devils, it happens in an endless cycle.  Now I just want sh!t to not happen.

I wouldn't even go that far.  He netted nothing last year, nothing this preseason when according to LeBrun nobody else claimed him after the Isles waived him.  PAP got about what I expected, especially after seeing what Vanek/Iginla got.

I hate that Quincey literally got a negative return, but there must have been some handshake agreement with Jarmo calling in a favor after he let us have Castron, that's the only way the Quincey deal makes any sense.

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2 hours ago, jagknife said:

Thanks for the dumb nose punch, Shero. We already had plenty of expansion fodder.

Here's to hoping something else is brewing, otherwise, I personally think Ray got beat to the punch early and often when he possibly coulda traded Quincey for better returns.

In Knuckle-deep Ray We Trust? [Caught him knuckle deep in his freaking nose at the Caps NYE game, for those who don't know]

and today he was caught with his pants down. Yeah, like we needed another player to expose, we are about 3 players away from being an expansion team ourselves. I usually like Shero but today was a piss poor showing.

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