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GDT - Devils vs Canadiens 2/27/17


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Well, quite a few teams that are right around us in the standings have lost recently, but not sure if it really means much with 20 games left.  I'd argue that's still a lot of time (Hell, 25% of the season), but it could be too little too late.  

Up against a tough opponent tonight, but we're facing Montoya in net, and he hasn't played a ton this year.  

It's been mentioned that Parenteau is out, so I imagine the lineup look something like this:

Hall - Henrique - Palmieri

Cammalleri - Zajac - Zacha

Blandisi - Noesen - Bennett

Wood - Josefson - DSP

And I guess with Quincey out, the D pairings could be:

Greene - Severson

Lovejoy - Merrill

Santini - Moore

I'm still hoping we get a win here and make a push.  Would be nice for the fans to see a win of course too, because they've still be a little sparse at home.

Let's Go Devils.

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36 minutes ago, Martyisth3b3st said:

Playoffstatus puts us at a 3% chance to make the post season. 

Time to just enjoy the last few weeks of hockey, watch our young guys grow. Root like hell for a win, understand the benefits of a loss. 

Would love to see Palmieri take a run at Price today. Put him on his pansy little ass.

Go devils, fvck Montreal. 

Is Zacha out?

That's about my attitude at this point. I always root for the win first and foremost but if we lose hopefully it will be to our long term benefit.

Zacha is out, read he has skated for the first time since though.

It will be Montoya tonight for the Habs. I say run him is fine but don't run him too hard, then you will have to play Price.

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