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GDT - Winnipeg at Devils 3/14 - GAME POSTPONED TILL 3/28

Satans Hockey

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22 minutes ago, Devil Dan 56 said:

I think you might have just gotten lucky. I'm an hour north of the arena and we are already a foot in, expecting 20-30 inches when it's all said and done

They nailed the prediction on this one pretty well

I'll take being lucky, you'll hear no complaints from me about not having much to shovel lol

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It really depends on which side of the rain line you fell on. I had to sleep at the base here in Philly because I'm on watch today, which I was pretty annoyed at, and even more so when I found out that we got exactly 0" (all rain lol) in Toms River, and here in Philly we got barely 4-5". To the north and west of here though, they're getting hammered with snow.

I'm glad they postponed the game though, sometimes after watch I'll shoot up the turnpike to the game but there was no way in hell I was doing that today, and there was also no way in hell my tickets would sell on the ticket exchange with the weather like this. I even put them up for as low as they allow you to. Now that it's on the 28th though I can go. (not entirely sure if I should be happy about that though...)

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3 hours ago, Satans Hockey said:

Historical blizzard... Lol. Must be nice to get paid to be wrong almost all the time. They weren't even close on this one.  Looks like I'll be going to the game tonight. Barely have anything here. 

I'm dealing with 20 inches so far and its still coming down

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69 degrees and partly cloudy here.  Sorry, I had to :D

Kinda glad the game got postponed.  I was going to go home tonight, go to the gym, then come back and just lay low and watch it.  Instead, I'm gonna meet my buddy at the bar and watch the Lightning.  Desperately wish the Devils were the ones trying to get into a playoff spot (hard to think that we were actually a couple points ahead of them a few weeks ago...how the fvck did this happen).  But, the Lightning are a fun team to watch, so I'll embrace it.  

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I am in Hillsborough, NJ and we were predicted to get 12-18 inches and we ended up with about 8-ish total but with lots of drifting.  Therefore some spots have maybe 3 inches and some have 12-14 inches.

Regardless the prediction at least in my area was a bust but I heard those further west as well as north of me got hit pretty hard and they pretty much got what they were forecasted.

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I'm also in Morris county, got a foot of snow, and was one of the few knuckleheads that was forced into work today. I've been up since 530 am and just got home a little while ago. My entire staff called out so I had to work an open to close. 

...I manage a Walgreens.


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11 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

I kind of would have liked to have been there tonight. Rock the Rock night!

We'll see what happens. I'll be watching, because if this season has proven anything, its that I am a glutton for punishment and I will keep watching.


Right there with ya! 

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