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GDT - Winnipeg at Devils 3/14 - GAME POSTPONED TILL 3/28

Satans Hockey

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Tonight there was a battle for supremacy. A contest between two teams looking to show that on this night, they were the better team. To prove to the fans that their cheers and enthusiasm were well placed.

I don't know where the fvck they played that game, I was busy watching Devils vs. Jets. 

2 minutes ago, Martyisth3b3st said:

I did not think that joke was going to land 

I enjoyed it. It probably went over a few heads. 

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28 minutes ago, '7' said:

Really wish we had Chico back with his goofiness. Some games I can listen to Dano's hoarse barking and it doesn't bother me. Today is just not one of those games.

Are we going to be stuck with Daneyko for like...decades?

I hope to god no, I have to watch other team's broadcasts to avoid him and sometimes its just as bad...

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Just now, jagknife said:

Cory can make some insane saves like these in overtime, and then let pedestrian goals in like the 3rd? Unreal

At least we get to watch him be totally bewildered in the shootout.

Can't we get like an extra shot for that Palmieri penalty?

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