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GDT - NYR at Devils 3-21 7pm

Satans Hockey

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I went to MSG once, on my 13th birthday and saw a 4-2 Devils win. A very heavyset man in his 40's "accidentally" dumped a beer on my jersey. My dad "accidentally" punched him in the face and held him by his throat. The ranger fans 2 friends separated things, apologized profusely, gave my dad $100 towards a new jersey for me and basically dragged his friend out. 

Yeah, I know that one rotten egg spoils the brunch; but I've been to enough Devils/Rangers games at the Rock and CAA to know that there's a "type". Derek, you probably aren't part of that type. But they're the type that (no joke) wave a Sean Avery jersey over their head in the middle of play during a Devils Panthers game IN FVCKING FLORIDA in 2014. 

So I hope they all step on a lego. 

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