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2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread


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3 hours ago, RunninWithTheDevil said:

And Montreal!

Good God if PK wins the cup and brings it to Montreal to celebrate.. my justice boner might last longer than 6 hours and therefore require medical treatment.

fvck the Habs and how they handled PK.


Edit: I can't grammar in the morning

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The predators have been my pick to win since the first round. I hope they win mainly because I want to see Suban get hold of the cup.

A Sens Vs Preds final would mean I would be happy with the outcome of either. 

Basically fvck the penguins. 

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1 minute ago, CarpathianForest said:

If the Pens win the Stanley Cup again it will be so anticlimactic and "meh."

Agreed. And unfortunately everything seems to be lining up for them. They're getting healthy at the right time, they're getting scoring from a bunch of different players (7 in the last game), and have the luxury of bringing a Stanley Cup winning goalie off the bench when their other Stanley Cup winning goalie has a bad game.

I'm still giving the Preds a punchers chance though if Rinne can steal a game or 2.

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7 hours ago, dmann422 said:

I'm definitely pulling for the Preds, Great city and the fans deserve it.

My sister in law moved to Nashville 2 years ago.  I've been to a lot of other NHL arenas and I think they have by far the best combination of arena, atmosphere, location in the league.  I can't imagine how wild it would have been down on Broadway last night.  

Unfortunately, I was in Nashville for games 1 and 2 vs the Blues (Played in St Louis) and then in St Louis two weeks ago during game 6 in Nashville.  I was SOOOO close to being all over that series.     

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