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GDT: 6/23 and 6/24- NHL Draft


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It's finally sinking in that we're gonna have a high end center soon. This is so exciting - the best moment as a Devils fan since Henrique brought us to the Stanley Cup finals! I have been heavily in favor of Nolan all year, but it's time for me to switch sides. GO NICO!

Whether it's Nico/Zacha/Zajac, Nico/McLeod/Zajac, Nico/Zacha/McLeod, or any combination of other Cs in the organization, this team is deep at center, with actually good players, at last!

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It has been said before, but I really liked what the announcers said when Shero made the pick. Halifax has had guys like Ehlers, Drouin, MacKinnon, and Timo Meier, and the coaches there have said that Nico's game is more well rounded than any of those players in their draft years. Pretty nice to hear that! That, in addition to the quotes from Guy Boucher about not being able to find mistakes in Nico's game while he was a year younger (playing in Switzerland), are very encouraging.

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Smart move for Pitt to protect Sid

Rutherford wasn't kidding when he said he was gonna grit up. Reaves is Cam Janssen with some (not much) actual hockey ability. Trading back 20 picks for him is pretty fvcking stupid to say the least though.



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