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Videos of great Devil goals or saves


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This one by Richer...I saw it as it happened (on TV, not in person)...one of his teammates said that Richer called his shot just before that shift...guy had so much talent:


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14 hours ago, MadDog2020 said:

One of my favorite Devils teams- coming allllll the way back to take the Atlantic on the season's last day:



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I was at this game and it was incredible. They scored the second goal and my friend who is a Canadiens ran turned to me and said "you guys are gonna win this"

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That comeback against Montreal was insane...and such a perfect summation of how that regular season went.  Even better was that when the ESPN message boards were still up and running, a Flyer fan (who was sure that his team had wrapped up the Atlantic after the Devils fell behind 3-0) came into the Devils boards to talk a lot of sh!t...suffice it to say that he got completely destroyed after the Devils won (even some Flyer fans piled on about his having blown his wad way too early).

re:  the Willis hit...on the surface, that really seemed to derail his career (he showed considerable promise in 2000-01 season), but he made it clear in a 2012 article that he considered Stevens' hit completely clean with no bad intent at all...basically said it was just one of those things that can happen in a game...his forehead hitting the ice was extremely unfortunate.  Lots of injuries after that (and a dirty Bryan Marchment hit) pretty much ensured that Willis would never find his groove in the NHL again...think he played 100 NHL games or so after the Stevens hit.

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