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2017 UFA Thread


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As much as it is going to suck to see shatty go to the rags (which I fully expect to happen at this point) I whole heartedly respect someone who would put their own enjoyment and aspirations above money. With him being a rags fan growing up in rags territory I can only feel admiration towards him for even considering the money aspect to be secondary to what he actually wants. Kind of sucks to be the devil trying to tempt someone with money to put their dreams off.

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2 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

Hoping that means he's working hard on something. 

I don't think it's thaaaat hard to get Shattenkirk, Radulov, Marleau and Thornton ! Come on ! 
(just because it's a intense day.. insert sarcasm smile somewhere) 

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We're officially a tanking team.  Can't wait for the conditional second rounder in 2035 that we get for Kovy.

We'll always have Ben Lovejoy, and we have one of the top twenty fourth line centers in the league.

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Just now, CarpathianForest said:

Chill. It's not like he's Paul Coffey. sh!t, he's not even Drew Doughty.

He's a solid 10 times better than our best defenseman. I'd take 1 Shattenkirk over 4 severson's. This is terrible fvcking news.

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