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2017 UFA Thread


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Did anyone else see that shattenkirk has guaranteed pay in the 2020 lockout? That it's even on the minds of players is bothersome.

I did see that- it's really sad that we're headed for lockout #4 in the Bettman era. It's inevitable. They'll just keep doing it every 7 years too, because they know the fans ALWAYS come crawling right back.



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3 minutes ago, Martyisth3b3st said:

Noooooo everyone is saying you're a broken RECORD not a broken clock, silly goose.


Says the guy whose whole schtick has been being the angry one in the group for the past 5 years.

Don't you mean scratched? A broken record wouldn't exactly repeat.



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2 hours ago, NJDevils1214 said:

Guys are freaking out...must have totally forgot we have Miles(James Franco) Wood on our team. Playoff bound for sure.

LOL, yep, Soooooooo did Miles Franco learn how to pass and shoot in this off season?

Here comes the CUP!


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3 minutes ago, Devil Dan 56 said:

You guys are right. Shero should have waived his magic wand and just made generational talents appear. Rebuilds usually only take a few months anyway. 

This is unrealistic. Ray Shero would never use a magic wand. He'd pull the generational talents out of a black hat. Duh. 

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2 hours ago, Satans Hockey said:

It's only been 2 years since he's taken over. No gm was going to be able to clean up the mess that was left here that quickly. 

Tell that to John Chayka, the man has a pair on him and he's only 28, first GM job he's held. He has reincarnated the dying Coyotes with his big moves and bold trades that look great future. Looks like Jim Nill is cleaning up Dallas legacy of trash with big moves too.

Shero should be at the top of his game with the decades of experience and multiple franchise and drafts behind him. This nothing burger offseason is a red flag on asking WTF are they doing in Newark? So is it going to be the New Jersey Oilers for yet another 5 years?  How do season ticket holders feel about the dragging agony of no playoffs 6 out of the past 7 years and this is the future moves? Ugh

Well everyone's frustration level is getting max'd out,I think because there were excellent opportunities to acquire better players and draft picks but now find out offers were poor, moves and trades were nothing but average at best.



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1 minute ago, Martyisth3b3st said:

So, I'm on vacation with the wife and haven't followed ever since we Shat the bed (haaaaa get it?). Anyone here with any realistic options that are still out there that we'll pursue tomorrow? 

Also, does offer-sheeting anyone make any sense at this point? we swung and missed on sh!tinkurk, i have to believe there are other options out there. Hard to say I'd be confident going into next season with Mueller as our 3rd defenseman. 

I think the general consensus is Franson at this point. People seem keen on a trade too but I'm not sure who they think we are trading to get a top pairing dman at this point in time. The social media websites are actually hilarious to read in this regard...getting a marquee player for a 6th round draft pick and Jacob Josefson's left-behind jock. Ha. 

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