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Ya know, he's a big body with a good contract who's been on some solid playoff teams. And this makes Rangers fans upset. Not a whole lot to be upset about for a 3/4th line tough guy 

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I wanted to sign him 3 years ago when he was coming off of a cup run with Tampa. Glad he'll be here. He's going to be great for our bottom 6. I think this spells the end for Jajo and quite a few players in our bottom 6.

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Pricy, but the term is fine and I like the role Boyle will have here.  He won't be asked to do anything more than play 4th line C and kill penalties.  He might fall apart by year 2 but that's life in free agency.

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2 minutes ago, Satans Hockey said:

Horrendous, I hate this guy. He may be one of the tallest and biggest players in the league but he plays like an absolute bitch. 

It was nice of him to not kill Travis Zajac in that fight posted above.

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30 minutes ago, CarpathianForest said:

So is it possible that we can coax Hal Gill and Andy Sutton as a defense pair. Seems only natural since we're going after old slow guys.


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