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Fantasy Football 2017 Draft Finished!


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14 hours ago, NJDevs4978 said:

lol looks like we're headed for a five-pick day as usual on Labor Day weekend.


13 hours ago, CRASHER said:

I was waiting for the LONG overdue PANICKKKKSSS post :)

Not panic when it's TRUE :rofl:

To be precise there've been seven picks (though one was a double) today so I was close enough, and that's also counting MJ's overnight pick :P  So basically five selections of six players since this morning.

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Crasher, you need to buy a dictionary. Nostalgia deals with the past, kinda like that Hulkster video YOU put up, ironic-that's another word you can look up with your new dictionary!

Try living in the present, where I am the reigning CHAMP. :hail: :evil:

It is a glorious time of well being and zen in the world. People will look back @ my reign with nostalgia, longing for the day when 

the Marauders ruled the land. B)


And with that, the Marauders welcome their K#1 to the fold.


Stephen Gostkowski K NE


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When in Rome.....and when in defense run.....why not pick the next media darlings post-hurricane??

Sanborn takes the Houston D (dammit, I almost called them the Oilers :P )

the king of nostalgia is probably going to take the Bears now thinking its 1986 :lol:

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Nope, hated that crew, they put a beatdown on my Dog Pats. Lost a LOTTA $$ on that game! (for a 14 yr old! :D)

But, I am happy to announce signing the Top Cats 


D/ST Car Panthers!


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