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NFL 2017 Thread


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Miami did what it had to do in signing Cutler, and while he has underachieved in his NFL career I feel he gets too much grief. The guy isn't a bad QB...he never was. Nor is he a team cancer.

He's bit older now and coming off arm surgery but it's early enough in the process, and his familiarity with Gase should mean it won't be a messy transition where he's only got like 50% of the playbook at week one. Miami moved with urgency on this. They absolutely had to.

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....well the Bills sure made sh!t interesting


Sammy Watkins and a 6th to the Rams

for EJ Gaines (CB) and a 2nd Round Pick


also the Bills pick up Jordan Matthews from the Eagles for Ronald Darby (CB)

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39 minutes ago, MadDog2020 said:

Ezekial Elliott suspended six games, wow! emoji23.png

Gotta wonder if that one holds up...he was never formally charged (of course that doesn't really matter), and I'm sure the Ray Rice and Josh Brown incidents (where Rice was caught on tape and Brown admitted to being an abuser) will get brought up again...as to why didn't they get lengthier suspensions?  I could see this one getting reduced to four games (which is still pretty significant). 

And of course, NO ONE trusts Goodell anymore (and on that one he really has no one to blame but himself), so this is going to be questioned and picked apart...starting with why did it take over a friggin' year for the NFL to investigate this?  When you're completely inconsistent and all over the place with your punishments, everything you do will be questioned by default. 

Not attempting to defend Elliot at all here...he very well could have abused his ex, and could be 100% guilty, and could very well deserve this punishment.  The problem is the NFL isn't exactly overflowing with credibility right now...last time I check no other commissioner has seen people wearing clown shirts inspired by his likeness and general incompetence. 

As for Jerry Jones...please Jerry, you're the king of looking the other way...even if you turn out to be justified in your anger, it's just very hard to take you seriously. 

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So the league's letter announcing the investigation findings, punishment was leaked.  The evidence comes down pretty much to pictures his girlfriend took on two separate days that showed bruises on various parts of her body.  The league had experts examine the pictures who concluded that they likely weren't that old when the pictures were taken, Zeke was with her on both of those days, and there's no other explanation of where the injuries could have come from other than from him.  It doesn't say exactly what he might have done (e.g. punch, slap kick, shove, grab, etc) even though the league apparently interviewed the girlfriend.   There's also the video that shows him pulling some girl's shirt off at a St. Pat's day celebration.

I can see why Jerry is irate about this.  There should at least be some description of what it is he supposedly did to her.  But, at most, this goes from 6 games to 4.  Goodell wants to show that domestic violence, even if the evidence of it is not that strong, is met with very harsh penalties, and in the end no one is really going to fault him for that, or not enough people anyway. 

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I'm not saying Roger got it definitively wrong...I'm more saying when you've gotten your fair share of things wrong before, people are still going to wonder if you got it right, even if you did.  More than anything else, I wonder why it took so damned long.  Did they really need over a year to figure this thing out?  I get being thorough, but geez...

And I agree, the injury photos don't look good, but yeah, would like to know exactly what he did, within reason.  Just feels like the whole story isn't being told...or not enough of it, anyway.

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Edelman likely done for the season with an ACL tear (non-contact injury). Huge loss for the Patriots, no question.  He's no kid either.

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Big loss for Edelman but it's the Patriots.  Anyone else it'd be a killer loss but they strolled along without Gronk (who I thought was the second most important player on the team) last year like it was nothing.  Hell they even went 3-0 with Garropolo last year.

Do they still have Amendola hanging around?  Maybe he comes back from career purgatory and becomes a big player for them.  

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Amendola will probably get a shot to be a poor man's Edelman, but he can't do what Edelman does...Amendola isn't terribly good at adding on yards after a catch, and when he was asked to replace Wes Welker, that didn't go very well.  You are right Has, this won't kill the Pats, but it's going to hurt...Edelman has that way of making those crucial catches when you really need them.  Guys like him tend to get noticed even more when you DON'T have them on the field.  

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