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February 24th Elias night

Satans Hockey

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On 2/25/2018 at 8:58 AM, mfitz804 said:

I believ the Marty Night patches sold out too. Then people paid $60 on eBay, then they became available at retail for $15.

If you didn’t get one, I’m guessing you will have your chance. 


Yeah they did sell out before the day of the Brodeur game too.  I mean this should allocate a certain amount and then save some for the actual day of the game.  Several of the store workers told me they sold out Thursday for the Elias patch.  

I do have to say though that while that is frustrating and I wish they could do better with this, I do like how they have more items in general.  When Stevens retired they had a stevens stick and bobblehead (with no mention of retirement), both are cool items, but could be better and then you had the red puck that they used for the others.  Dano just had the 1puck, Niedermayer had nothing and they released the red puck later in a different shade.

For Brodeur and Elias they had a nice retirement logo, retirement pins, multiple pucks, a detailed stick with stats and the retirement logo.  Definitely better job merchandising those 2.  only thing is I wish they still had the nice sga photo they gave out for the first 3 and no Elias program is crazy.  Every event night should have a program (not just Elias, but also the ring of honor last year should have had a program too as well as a patch and ring of honor puck).  

Does anyone have general email addresses to corporate, the store and marketing?  There were somethings I wanted to compliment them on while making suggestions.  Only email I know of is the general Devils website email which I assume some intern probably reads and doesn't send to anyone that actually makes decisions there.  The team use to list them, but now they just list #'s

also if enough of us complain about the patch and program maybe they will have a program eventually (they did that with the niedermayer puck releasing it later) and the patch should be released again.


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