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2017-2018 Prospects Thread


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1 hour ago, vadvlfan said:

Does McCleod/Bastian have to go back to jrs. if they don't make the team or Speers for that matter. Aren't they old enough for AHL?  Gignac? 

IIRC, it's dependent on the year you were born, so Bastian and Gignac can go to the AHL if they want (they could elect to send them to Junior still) but McLeod is still either NHL or OHL, Speers I think is AHL eligible now as well.

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The Buffalo stream might be better (and has commentary): https://www.nhl.com/video/live-sabres-vs-devils/t-281013894/c-40474303

Just turned the game on, but looks like the Devils are dominating, despite only a 1-0 lead. McLeod has looked like the best player on the ice during his shifts.


Edit: Sabres just tied it after their powerplay. 

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Eh I watched most of it but the arena they're playing in is not designed for television, even though the Sabres feed had decent camerawork, you still couldn't tell who was who a lot of the time.

Butcher was the standout on D, made a great play for Kujawinski's hat trick.  Kujawinski had a hat trick which is great, he was in the right positions, but it wasn't like he was dominating - he was finishing off plays his linemates were starting.

Popugaev was invisible.

But it's just a practice game basically and I don't take too much out of it.

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2 hours ago, RunninWithTheDevil said:

Buffalo fans are booing Butcher whenever he touches the puck

Buffalo fans also are still bitching that Minnesota was tabbed the next hockey town over them. Meanwhile those knuckle draggers from top to bottom know jack sh!t about other teams, including still beating the trap drum for us, including during this telecast.

fvck, I used to love that city, including my time living there, but their fvcktard hipster hockey fans have made me loathe the city, save for the wings.

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New uniforms, the white ones.

A couple of additional thoughts for as long as I watched (I caught about 1.5 periods):

Kapla (I think) got the OT goal, but I thought he had a rough game otherwise. Jacobs was not good either, and not in the sense that you didn't even realize he was playing, but more in the sense that every time he was on the ice, it seemed like something bad was happening. I'm not sure what happened to him, but it's looking like he won't get past the AHL any time soon.

Nico really does have some speed, and he's able to create offense when you don't expect it. He reads plays well, is always in position, and is not afraid to wait for the right opportunity to make his move.  He was good at slowing down the game too. There were a couple times that he tried to do a wraparound, which seems like his thing. Took a bit to get warmed up, but only got better as the game went on. He created a bunch of good plays.

Bastian was surprisingly good. He made some nice plays, which was surprising, considering many of us thought he regressed.

McLeod was an animal out there. He and Butcher were the most noticeable players for the Devils. McLeod had some quality chances, even though he didn't score. I thought he was even better than the forwards with NHL experience. I'm hoping to see him in NJ this season.

Studenic had speed and created some good chances. He was a big part of one of the Kujawinski goals I saw. Their linemate Cangelosi was impressive in the O zone too, but he looked like he was trying to do too much at times.

And this probably goes without saying, but Santini played very well. He isn't always the quickest player, but he was great positionally, I thought. Quenneville could have been better, but he showed confidence and control in his game.

Overall, I thought McLeod and Butcher had the best games on our side. Nico was up there as well.

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1 hour ago, SMantzas said:

How was Nico? 

He looked really good towards the end of the game. He was creating chances every-time he was on the ice in the 3rd. I was really impressed by Butcher. Cannon of a shot. Looked good with Santini.

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Shots after 1 are 14 to 5 Pens.  They have been positionally better than us through 1.  Top line spit up a bit... For the Stephen Gionta lovers out there, Cangialosi is all over the ice using his speed.  Pops almost had one, one of maybe three good chances Devs had to score.  Santini looks solid and confident.  Speers is fast! (Guess we already knew that)

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25 minutes ago, EdgeControl said:

Mcleod needs to bury those two chances he had, not pass them.. shot the puck kid.. we have play makers we need scorers

Yeah I'm watching the Pens feed and they seem to think the Penguins are dominating, which they were-ish, but both of those McLeod chances were grade-A chances.

Hope they can get a quick one - would like this game to remain competitive on the scoreboard.

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