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GDT: 11/7/17 Blues @ NJ Devils

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Figured I'd get a thread up, doesn't appear we're getting any reinforcements tonight up front, hopefully Santini is able to back tonight from whatever nagging injury he has but we'll find out at 4:45 when Hynes meets with the media. I'd expect Cory to get the start tonight.

Also, Tarasenko will be in the lineup for St. Louis, so not getting any help there.


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Dear everyone: Take a deep breath and look at this team. This is a young and exciting team with more offensive firepower than I’ve seen out of a Devils squad in a long time. This is NOT a team th

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At least 3 offensive zone penalties taken by us tonight, those are the ones that there are simply no excuses for. That has to stop. 

Damn, Palmieri is still out?  This game right here is really going to show what we're made of.   Let's hope Cory remains strong, and that we can keep the offense flowing.  Would really like Henrique and Zacha to find the scoresheet. 

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2 hours ago, mfitz804 said:

Western Canada is annoying, looking forward to an early start. Verizon FIOS, you stink for only airing the game in low def. 

Let's Go Devils!!

Are they still doing that Crap? Screw Dolan if he's still involved 

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