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GDT - Oilers @ Devils 11/9/17


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Surprised not to see a gameday thread yet.  Here's my first one of the season.  Cory and Talbot the projected starters in net.  Doesn't look like Palmieri will be in the lineup tonight even though he's been practicing, and apparently Zacha might be close to being benched.  I guess he was the extra forward in practice today.

Here's hoping we can contain McDavid tonight, and get revenge for last week's subpar showing.  We need a nice win in front of the home crowd.

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10 minutes ago, NJDevils1214 said:

LGD, trying to find myself a single ticket right now so I can go. All my friends bailed.

Ticketmaster upper deck resale tix are available for cheap. Good news is that looking at the site it looks like we may have a large crowd tonight. LGD

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7 minutes ago, thecoffeecake said:

Free game today for anyone out of market. I have to work from 7-9 with a solid 45 minute commute, so I'll miss this one along with missing last week's Oilers game that was on NHL Network. I'm pissed. 

Free game may also mean it can be seen on the Center Ice channel. Trying DVR'ing that and hope you get it.

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27 minutes ago, NJDevils1214 said:

A guy at work just told me he read Palms is in tonight, Zacha and Severson are out.

Why Severson?  That's not gonna be good against Edmonton's quick team.

Not surprised or upset about Zacha really.  He needs a good kick in the ass.  He just looks lethargic out there.  Not sure what it is, but he moves slow and seems disinterested.  Can't say it's due to lack of skilled linemates either, as he has quite a bit of talent around him this season.  I dunno what it is, but I hope he gets motivated and starts producing.  It would be very beneficial if he turns into the player we all thought/hoped he would be.

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25 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

I will reiterate my McDavid plan. Play Prout, he knocks McDavid out of the game in a manner which does not injure McDavid past tonight, but Prout gets a game misconduct for doing it. That way, no McDavid and no Prout. 

No downside to this plan. 

Until they retaliate by drilling Nico or Hall headfirst into the boards

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1 hour ago, devlman said:

Until they retaliate by drilling Nico or Hall headfirst into the boards

That’s not part of my plan so it can’t happen.


1 minute ago, MadDog2020 said:

Look at these two fvcking jerk-offs sitting in front of me: 83c27cefe1bb87c0d34c182f0b8314c9.jpg

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

That’s why God invented spitballs. 

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