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GDT: Boston @ NJ Devils 7 PM


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Basically I created a post about Palms broken foot but MadDog beat me to it by a few seconds and i don't know how to delete a thread. So i'm just gonna edit this one into the GDT lol

So the Bruins will be without Marchand, Bjork and Krug (and Spooner i believe, he's close to a return apparently)

Not playing against Marchand is great but missing Palms and Mojo really sucks


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Always a big game to me when the Devils play Boston.  Even though I don't live there anymore I still keep contact with a lot of Bruins fans.  The Devils have sucked against them oh since right before I moved.
Go Devils!

My brother-in-law and my nephews are all big Bruins fans (as a matter of fact, my younger nephew, who is 6, plays in the Little Bruins youth program and will be getting the opportunity to skate with his team during the first intermission of the Bruins game on Friday afternoon!). I always wanna beat them a little more lol.

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54 minutes ago, Aznjsn said:

do you guys think Zajac and Boyle ever talk about when they fought that one time last year? lol LGD! 


Probably not the best decision Travis ever made, luckily Boyle isn't as tough as he is big, because he would have killed him. 

Oh, and LGD!!

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4 minutes ago, CommonDreads said:

Per Hynes




Not sure how I feel about those lines

My thoughts exactly. 

Good for Gibbons cracking the top 6 though. 

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4 minutes ago, SterioDesign said:

it's funny how some of us im sure were upset that guys like Q, Lappin, Speer, Blandisi didn't make the team. But then we figured, oh well we'll see them soon enough if there's injuries...

Yet... we've had a bunch of injuries and we still didnt see any of them lol

If they're going to call any of those guys up, it's gotta be for a top-6 shot. No use wasting their time sitting on the bench 55 minutes a game up in the NHL. 

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56 minutes ago, Martyisth3b3st said:

I'll jump off a bridge if we don't see Q, Lappin or Blender called up and Hayes out of the lineup. 

I'm a big fan of Q and would love to see him up here, but I think he may still be injured. Not sure...

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