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GDT: Boston @ NJ Devils 7 PM

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I never want to see boyle in a SO again, that was laughable.. coasting in and shooting into the chest protector.. not than ever one else was much better, losing control.. shootouts are pure garbage.

If either Nico or Bratt shoots there, it's a tie game. These kids are too humble with the puck.

These attempts are just atrocious and half assed. Just half speed end of practice crud End the sh!tout already. This game was a legit tie

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i don't know about you guys but i truly love the feeling of being down 2 goals and be able to continue watching because i genuinely believe we can come back from behind now.... and not because i feel i have to be loyal and still finish the game lol 

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1 hour ago, eaglejelly said:

No HD for me tonight. Makes it hard to watch

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I’ve been suffering through this all season. We switched from Directv to cable and unlike Dtv who has every game and feed for the Center Ice package in HD, cable has only 2 designated HD channels. It’s a joke. I can’t believe they expect people to watch sports in SD in 2017. Probably going back to Dtv for next season. 

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