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GDT: New Jersey @ Arizona 8pm ET


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21 minutes ago, Neb00rs said:

FYI, up until Zajac came back this season the Devils scored 3.47 G/GP, good for 7th in the league. Since he came back the Devils have scored 2.375 G/GP, which is 23rd in the league.

Not trying to scapegoat here, just pointing it out.




He doesn' exactly help the team out offensively. 

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6 minutes ago, bobilly45 said:

How can you realistically fault him for any goals tonight.  First goal he was screened by 2 devils and 1 coyotee, he couldn't see the puck.  2, bad bounce but Moore has to control that, was a 2 on 1 after that.  3, was a deflection that changed direction right in front of the crease.  

He'll be a starter for a dif team after his contract with the devs is done.

What team is he going to start for?

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Just now, mfitz804 said:

Because he isn’t first place overall in NHL history in save percentage...he’s only TIED for first with three other guys. Fvcking bum. 

Just for laughs, a few days ago I went to check out cumulated goalie stats in the last 7 years, again, just for laughs:

Cory Schneider : 314 GP , 2.28 GAA, 0.922%

Carey Price : 318 GP, 2.31 GAA, 0.922%


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