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GDT - Devils vs Rangers 12/21/17


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4 minutes ago, Since1982-83 said:

That's some serious effin hate.

It's the Rangers. For most people and things I hate in this world, I wish no harm upon them, I just don't wish against it. Like if something bad did happen to the thing I hate, I wouldn't be upset, I just wouldn't root for it. But for the Rangers, I actively root for misfortune and death to befall them.

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4 minutes ago, Devilsfan118 said:

Good to see you're sticking to your schtick even after all these years.

You're at least consistent.

You'll be surprised at the accuracy of my prediction. Based on the last game we played against them and the fact that they're hot right now I'm still saying 5-2 Rags.

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Things heard so far tonight:

Gibbons is garbage

Moore should be waived

I love Staffords speed


its been a period and I feel myself getting dumber.


oh and the fvck is with people waiting until AFTER the goal celebration to try and get to their seats, you know, when the puck is being dropped...

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11 minutes ago, mikepeluso8 said:

Yo...this guy definitely needs help.  Wow. Talk about classless and uneducated. WOW. 

Amen - pathetic.  Maybe one of the very few who hasn't lost at least one loved one to cancer.  So far outta line it's sickening.  Let's compare a fvcking game or even your favorite team with real people's lives. 

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