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GDT - Devils vs Rangers 12/21/17

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7 minutes ago, mikepeluso8 said:

How you come out of that period down 2-1 is beyond me...any of the experts wanna weigh in on what went wrong?

No  Expert, but I think Cory needs to be a little better controling the rebounds

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Hall getting pumped to ric flair  

I know his cancer was considered very treatable but he's GOT to be a favorite for the Masterton.

While I think the Devils have a halfway decent record against the Rangers over the last few years despite being quite bad, it's hard for me to think of games where the Devils substantially outplayed t

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11 minutes ago, mikepeluso8 said:

Yo...this guy definitely needs help.  Wow. Talk about classless and uneducated. WOW. 

Amen - pathetic.  Maybe one of the very few who hasn't lost at least one loved one to cancer.  So far outta line it's sickening.  Let's compare a fvcking game or even your favorite team with real people's lives. 

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1 minute ago, Since1982-83 said:

I believe so as well...as much as it kills me to admit.

People will always disagree based on the sweater he wears.  Hard to knock his skills and how far he's taken some less than stellar teams.  I think Marty benefited by having more talent around him. 


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3 minutes ago, Devs3cups said:

Gomez is one.

Yep, they actually had 2 first round picks that year and took D Mike Van Ryn first. There we have it.

MacClean, Shanahan, Sykora, Gomez.

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