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GDT: Devils @ St. Louis 8:00 PM


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DANO STFU! Great job by the  Blues eye in the sky? If not for the overabuse of the system, watching in real time nobody notices an alleged offsides by the length of the kunt hair.

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1 minute ago, Martyisth3b3st said:

If you’re watching this game and not spitting angry, I will literally hire you to come work in my office to calm me down on a daily basis. 

He was clearly offsides. The officials improperly called it in our favor, had no choice but to reverse on review, and people are punching TVs and killing people. Like you didn’t know that rule existed!! 


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i'm choosing to swing this into a positive. 

Wtv happen... we played well enough to win. Circumstances that were out of our control made it difficult. 

IF we win... well we won having everything going against us and against a strong team. So it's going to be that much better

IF we lose well... it's easier to accept with the mindset that we're working our way up and those kind of thing you cannot control. 

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