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Olympic Hockey


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So sorry @eaglejelly you guys had that game. What a heart breaker. Such a shame. I really thought the game was over after that penalty was called on Russia late.

The goaltending was putrid in this game. 


Overall a really meh tournament on the men's and women's side. I actually watched every game but I'm glad it's over. The women after all these years still only have 2 good teams and on the men's side too many NHL rejects and retirees playing a bunch of mediocre hockey. 

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I didn't see the game live, too late for me and I expected a
Russian blow out win to be honest. I just watched the replay. Devastating to lose that way, but I never thought that would sniff at a medal, so I can't be too angry. It was a hell of a tournament for the German Team and a amazing job by Marco Sturm

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