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GDT : Bruins @ Devils - 7:00 PM - MSG+2, NESN


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I think I've done 1-2 GDT's since being a member on this board, so I'm giving it a shot today!


Desperately need a win here. Pretty sure I'm one of the only fans on this board who thinks we're still making the playoffs this year. A win tonight would be a big start.

We're still in it and have games in hand, just have to find our game starting tonight and I'm confident we'll make it.

Obviously this team's future is bright, but let's believe in them right now.


LGD!!! :evil:

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Boston played last night. Since it’s evident that the devils did NOT play last night, I think that gives us an edge.

nobody thought we’d beat Pitt and we destroyed them. 

5-4 Devils. Marchand breaks his nose on the Jumbotron. 

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LGD!!!  :evil:
FWIW:  Glenn "Chico" Resch ‏Verified account @chicoreschNJD
Here is hoping Eddie lacks nothing tonight as he will get the start vs the Bruins. A goal explosion by his teamates would help as well.

Lmfao good 'ol Chico. He's the best. [emoji1]

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Hey everyone,

I have 2 tickets for tonight's game available. I had something come up at the last minute. They are section in Section 122.

Since it is so close to game time, I will take best offer for them. Just looking to get something back. 

We can do venmo and I will transfer the tickets right away.


Lets go Devils, need to turn it around tonight! 

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Got a freebie through a friend tonight, so here I am.

Broke out my white Palms GW mostly because the last time I wore it, the Devils beat the Rangers.  Really hoping for a win tonight.


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