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GDT : Bruins @ Devils - 7:00 PM - MSG+2, NESN

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Boston played last night. Since it’s evident that the devils did NOT play last night, I think that gives us an edge. nobody thought we’d beat Pitt and we destroyed them.  5-4 Devils. Marchan

I don't know too many 1,000-point 'grinders', but if you're trying to say Hall is flashier than Elias, I doubt you'll find too many who would disagree. Hall may very well be the most talented forward

Got a bad feeling about this so I guess a comfy 4-1 win is incoming.

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Well, another loss. I can't hate on this one. The Devils were a little sloppy but outplayed the Bruins for a lot of the game. Lack wasn't amazing but he was acceptable, enough to get another look.

In the end, the Devils lost by one goal. And coincidentally, the refs imagined up one goal for the Bruins at the end of the first period.

Get Drew Stafford off the fvcking ice.

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I don't know what it takes to beat the cocksucking motherfvcking piece of sh!t Bruins. No matter what we do, they get every call, every break, every bounce, every fvcking everything and I'm so fvcking past tired of it, I may have a fvcking aneurism.

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3 minutes ago, Devilsfan118 said:

I mean what can you say at this point? This team is playing like trash, they're finding ways to lose, and the goaltending has been atrocious.

Starting to seriously doubt this team makes the playoffs. Damn shame.

This team isn't making the playoffs this year. I just hope they do over the next few years or Hall will bolt. Shero has a job to do...

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Just now, Satans Hockey said:

We handed them the game. So god damn annoying. This ship is going down fast. We have no goaltending and it's not coming from this duo. Season could end in these next few weeks. What a waste. 

What was the issue with the goaltending tonight?

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Here's your Devils after the New Year...play a fair amount of games well enough, but make way too many mistakes that shoot themselves in the foot.  It's just not the goal-tending, teams that are playoff teams just don't make this many mistakes every game, or what seems like the games they lose.  It's just screw-ups, bad penalties at the wrong time..breakdowns, not tying guys up in front.

 It's a shame.  But it's beyond the net,  these screw-ups and breakdowns have been the bigger issue.

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3 minutes ago, slasher72 said:

Too bad Severson''s elbow didn't smash Marchand in the face instead. As for zajac watching mcquaid drag down severson and do nothing about it, wtf you pansy!?

Zajac doesn't have to do anything there... Severson takes all the blame for turtling like an absolute fvcking pansy.  If he didn't just smash Marchand a few seconds before, which was absolutely awesome, I'd be so embarrassed.  But...he gets a pass, and kudos to him for taking a shot at him while he could.  


That's all I can say about this game for now.  Until tomorrow.

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3 minutes ago, Devs3cups said:

Tonight has been the most embarrassed you've been? Have you watched the game yesterday lol? 

 Getting blown out on the road is one thing. Coming home in desperation and pulling yourself back in 3 times just to find a way to lose, and to muster nothing at the end of a huge game like that is embarrassing. They were totally lost after that 4th Bruins goal, could barely get themselves to the red line. They were hemmed into their own zone for long stretches with a man advantage down a goal twice late in the game. They were lucky to be in the game at all, and if it wasn't for a few great individual efforts from Hall, they wouldn't have been. 

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