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GDT: Carolina @ Devils 7:00 PM


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1 hour ago, Nicomo said:

Everyone make sure you’re wearing your proper lucky jerseys tonight. Canes are only one point back so this is another big game.


I can watch tonight as my flight got cancelled, but I wont watch because I didn't Tuesday. Xbox and the Olympics it will be for me!

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This is obviously huge for the standings and the playoff race.  The Canes scored 7 goals against the Kings in their last game, so hopefully our defense and Kinkaid are up to the task tonight.  Offense has looked like it's been getting going again....would love to see a goal from Zacha or Boyle.  Maybe even Vatanen. I'll be at the game on Saturday, so a win here would be awesome to go into that game and possibly look for a three game winning streak.

Let's Go Devils.

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27 minutes ago, Chimaira_Devil_#9 said:

I see the two games against the Canes over the next few days as season defining. We really need the 4 points to start putting a bit of a buffer between us and the teams outside the wildcard. 

I get this mentality, but at the same time all of the teams around the Devils haven't been terribly consistent...Carolina's won three in a row, but they're just 9-9-2 in their last 20.  But yeah, a little hot streak here and the Devils will again be in very good shape.  Would indeed be great to get four points against the Canes...unfortunately if the Devils get three against them, that means the Canes got at least two themselves. 

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