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GDT: Devils @ Vegas - 14 Mar @ 10p Eastern


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Looking for the thread from before the season where people made their predictions about Nico’s production, but can’t find it. He has a legit shot at 50 points with 12 games remaining. Which I think is probably even better than most expected in his first season at such a young age. I’m so happy he’s a Devil. 

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5 hours ago, Daniel said:

It was very cool that the Devils welcomed my daughter into the world with a big win.  Needless to say, I was unable to watch the game.

Let's hope they go on a winning streak like they did when mine was born in October. Congrats Daniel.

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6 hours ago, Mike Brown said:


  • How come on Coleman's first goal there was a Vegas fan who jumped up to celebrate?
  • Anyways, obviously a much needed great win.
  • Devils did get a little lucky with a couple of bounces, but should be more grateful for the godawful goaltending from Fleury tonight.
  • Despite that, this was not a perfect game by any means.


  • Goal 1: No chance for Kinkaid
  • Goal 2: Stoppable, but a deflection from that far in close can't be pinned on Kinkaid
  • Goal 3: Same as goal 2


  • ES CF: 45 to 57
  • ES FF: 37 to 39
  • ES SF: 24 to 29
  • ES SCF: 24 to 27
  • ES HDCF: 14 to 11
  • All CF: 51 to 84
  • All FF: 42 to 58
  • All SF: 28 to 42
  • All SCF: 26 to 39
  • All HDCF: 15 to 18


  • CF: 52.62 to 48.2
  • FF: 42.57 to 33.42
  • SF: 27.45 to 24.74
  • SCF: 28.01 to 22.9
  • HDCF: 16.54 to 9.19

Mike, thank you for this, looks impressive. But, I remain clueless.

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7 hours ago, Steven M. said:

Dec. 12, 2008.

Nearly ten friggin years.


Hah that weird 8-5 game against the Rangers where we blew a 5-1 lead but eventually got it back.  I was actually thinking of that game when Vegas cut our four-goal lead in half in the second :P

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Couldn't stay up to watch the game, cause I'm an old bastard and I suck lol, but I woke up at 3:30am and couldn't go back to sleep, so I watched the game then. Well worth it.

That short-handed goal by Gibbons was karma for Perron diving like a little b!tch to draw the penalty. Loved seeing horse teeth get chased.

Hope this gives them a boost of confidence to carry them thru this rough patch of schedule. LGD!!

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23 hours ago, Devilsfan118 said:

So.. I don't like making things about me, or really sharing too much of my personal business anywhere online (no offense to anyone here) but.. my Mom died suddenly yesterday.  Hard to imagine life without her right now.

But selfishly, a win would be a great distraction tonight for my Dad and I.  Just need something to occupy our minds for a few hours.  We actually watched the Predators game with her in the hospital over the weekend while she was still in good shape.. even though she wasn't really a hockey fan, she could tell how excited we were and cheered right along with us for the whole damn thing.  She was the best Mom I could've ever hoped for and.. I'm just going to miss her so much.

Go Devils.  

Glad the boys were able to get you a win last night for at the very least a couple hours of relief, god bless brother

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3 minutes ago, Devilsfan118 said:

To everyone.. thank you.  Thank you so much.  Your kind words.. I mean, they just mean so much.  It just.. it means a lot that you guys are so compassionate to a person and his family who most of you haven't met.  Thank you.

I don't think I've cried during many hockey games in my adult life, but last night felt special to me.  We watched the whole game and honestly couldn't believe our eyes.  I don't want to get too "out there" with this post (and I'm already rambling) but I can't help but feel she had a hand in some of those strange bounces in our favor last night.  Here's hoping she saved some magic for the rest of the road trip.

Thanks again to everyone here.  This forum is a special place.

The only thing I ask is that none of you handle me with kid gloves going forward - if I post something stupid, let me have it :lol:

Shut up, stupid.


No but in all serious, I'm glad you got such a dominant win on a night where you really needed it.  I didn't comment when you first posted about your mother, but you were definitely in my thought as I spend the rest of the day thinking about you and thinking about my dad.  I lost my father at a young age (I was 22, he was 50).  It never gets any easier, you just get used to not having them there anymore.  My dad got to see them make the finals one last time, I'm glad your mom was watching down on you and your father yesterday.

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