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Another new football league starting 2019

Satans Hockey

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2 minutes ago, MadDog2020 said:

So dumb.

Couldn't agree more, talk to me when the XFL and this AoAF actually show signs of sustainability.  I obviously still enjoy the NFL in spite of itself, but the last thing I'm saying after the Super Bowl ends is "Yes, now I'm ready for even more football, low in general quality as it may be, and in the dead of winter no less!"  Obviously I don't speak for everyone, but by then, I'm already very much still into the hockey season, and baseball's right around the corner.  I don't care about basketball at all, but many do, and you have the NBA season going, and March Madness coming up.  I just don't see a demand for even more pro football than there already is...especially when people are complaining about NFL saturation, with the Thursday night crap, overseas games, etc.  At this point, I think people wouldn't mind a little LESS football.

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Fans ultimately want to see the best players, which takes a league with a lot of money to pay them.  Bottom line, this isn't going to work.

What could work would be some kind of 18-22 year old league to compete with, and ultimately supplant the NCAA.  Would take a lot of capital in that teams would need a lot of money to pry away the big time NCAA coaches, pay for medical care, facilities, training, etc.  But the players can get paid and concentrate on becoming better football players.  I think fans would ultimately come around in that they would be watching something with a lot less moral taint than the NCAA.

I could see a lot of tech billionaires (who for the most part went to ivy league schools with no big time athletics programs) get behind this.   If Jeff Bezos, Mark Cuban, Peter Thiel and Zuckerberg got interested in it, it might actually work.

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