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Devils vs. Maple Leafs, 4/5/18, 7:00 pm

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And so it comes to this. I have been saying for weeks that you can’t rely on other teams to “help you out”. If you want the playoffs, you can’t sit back and wait, you have to go out on the ice and tak


You were obviously sent to the alternate, Biff-controlled 1985.

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1 hour ago, DevsMan84 said:

Haha well they actually did it this time.  The previous 2 years it was warmups or game issued.  Glad they actually did give them literally the shirts off their backs lol.

I would have needed a gallon of Purell and/or a hazmat suit. 

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1 hour ago, cgb6397 said:

Just a short one because I'm busy with this bachelor party. I love this team, they've restored my pride in being a Devils fan 

IMG_9232 (1).jpg

So basically we're lucky its not covered in glitter and bodily fluids. 

You made the point that needed to be made, we are in!!!

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Others have said that Mueller is a bit awkward at times playing on the right side, and I agree with that. But otherwise, he has been very good for us. He always seems to join the rush at the right time, and he plays quite confidently and comfortably for a young player who hasn't cemented himself as an NHL defenseman just yet. Outside of Vatanen, I've liked his game most out of the rest of our D. He could turn out to be one of our top defensemen pretty soon.

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