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GAME 4: Tampa Bay @ New Jersey. 730 PM EST, GOLF, MSG+

Steven M.

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7 hours ago, CHIP72 said:

Amtrak? SEPTA/NJ Transit? Greyhound?

(I agree driving from the Philadelphia area to Newark is a pain.)


3 hours ago, devilsadvoc8 said:

Getting to the rock from Philly can be done cheaply and easily if you can get to Trenton and take NJ Transit. $16 each way plus $10 parking.

Yeah SEPTA / NJ Transit isn't the worst thing in the world - but it's the damn time that kills me.  One of my sites is about an hour west of Philly right now (ever heard of Coatesville?  Yeah, me neither prior to this sh!t project).  So if I leave at 4, I'm getting back to my apartment at 5, then hauling ass up the PA turnpike to the NJ turnpike to try and make puck drop.  I just don't have time to catch the train from Manayunk into center city, then catch the line to Newark and make puck drop.  And driving to Trenton or Hamilton to try and catch the train.. good lord that's a long day round trip.

Overall, it's like 220+ miles of driving in one day for me.  I didn't get home on Monday until like 1 AM.  Not trying for sympathy here, just sayin :lol:


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