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Francesa is back


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Mike takes himself far too seriously to realize that there's a fair segment of listeners who only tune into him to hear how stupidly Noo Yawk he truly is. 

Of course, plenty of fellow dumb zombified Noo Yawkers still think he's great, no matter how much of a struggle it is for him to form a single sentence that doesn't contain a bunch of "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh"s and "I mean"s...90% of his monologues consist of him attempting to make a point with his initial sentence, and then making the same exact point (usually with one key phrase repeated in each following idea) 9 or 10 more times...and there's idiots who consider this compelling radio.  He's been terrible for so long, I can't remember when he was actually any good at what he does (though I know he did once have something going on). 

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He doesn't really realize yet how far he's faded from relevancy. Both he and Russo have been successful since the breakup, but none of them will ever be as important (about as "important" radio sports talk guys can get) as they were together when they really did wield some influence. But a lot of Mikes old buddies that would feed him stories (Parcells for example) are old...long since retired and out of the business. Also add to the fact he's rich, lazy, and works less...there's nothing he can give you content wise that you can't get elsewhere. 

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16 minutes ago, Daniel said:

Joe and Evan taking over the Fan afternoon driver.  Great for them and well deserved.

Yeah, at least those guys can form complete sentences and aren't constantly losing their train of thought...and I've always enjoyed them quite a bit.  Francesa was SO bad in his second go-round. 

Now hopefully the dumb Noo Yawkers who would lap up whatever awful radio Fatso was willing to give them will actually give another a show a real chance to succeed.  Evan and Joe are very solid. 

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