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NJ Devils 2018-19 Development Camp Starts July 10th


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1 hour ago, Daniel said:

Xavier Bernard just has that look of one of those unheralded really French-Canadian looking and sounding  guys who is going to be a steal.  Or he’ll be Eric Gelinas, who knows.

Had the same thought. He seems like an NHLer.

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26 minutes ago, MadDog2020 said:




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Ha that's awesome.  Gary Biggs (Team Stevens) is my mens league goalie.  Went to high school with him.  He's the emergency backup for a few games during the season.

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Ty Smith exhibiting good smarts out there; learning this is a little faster than the WHL ... Joey Anderson making the right play, good poise ... Mike McLeod showing speed, grit in tight spaces ... Reilly Walsh looks confident, making smart plays.

Jesper Boqvist moving well in open ice, some indecision where to move puck at times. ... Speers & Quenneville each w/ determined efforts. ... Michael Kim (undrafted invite from Boston College) having a good day. ... Aarne Talvitie (Espoo, FIN) making good decisons w/ puck, strong. 

Forward Max Andreev, the nephew of Sergei Brylin, is having a nice day on the ice as an invite to camp. Russia-born winger is here on a tryout. Will attend Cornell in 2018-19.

Team Elias (with 1st Rd pick Ty Smith) defeats Team Stevens (McLeod/Anderson) in the championship of the 3v3 tournament this morning.


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From Chris Ryan - some quotes/tidbits (ETA: someone tweeted at CR, asking if he thinks Anderson will make the team - he said Yes): 

Behind Anderson, the Devils haven't traded for or signed any NHL forward depth outside of Kurtis Gabriel, who has been a career AHLer. The departures of Patrick Maroon, Michael Grabner and Brian Gibbons through free agency has left the Devils with spots to fill in the NHL, and as of now, they're up for grabs for prospects such as Anderson, John Quenneville, Michael McLeod, Blake Speers and others.

"After talking to management, they said there's spots available and it's going to come down to who comes into camp ready to go," Anderson said Tuesday at the start of Devils Development Camp. "That's what I want to show them.

"My progress from when I was here in April until now has been getting better and better, and then I want to show them when I come back for rookie camp in September, I'm even better than I was now. I want them to see how serious I am about this, and put my best foot forward in camp and try to earn a spot."

Quenneville: So far this offseason, he's focused on improving where coaches have told him to improve.

"Definitely working on my conditioning, working on my fitness level," he said. "Like any (summer), you're rebuilding everything. I'm working on my skating, I'm working on my shooting, I'm working on my offensive tactics. I'm working on everything. Every player needs to work on that."

Sissons (or, as Bastian calls him, "Sizzler"):  "Did you get taller?"

Defenseman Colby Sissons said he's been hearing that a lot lately. While he's listed a 6-2, 190 pounds, Sissons appears to have added an inch or two to his height while continuing to fill out. 

"Like every year, bigger, stronger, faster. This year I want to turn pro. I'm coming to play for the New Jersey Devils, and that's my end goal," he said. "That's what everyone's here to do. Whether that's playing this year or playing down the road, I'm just ready to turn pro."

Borrowed from these articles:  https://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2018/07/how_devils_joey_anderson_john_quenneville_view_pot.html


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On 7/9/2018 at 9:19 PM, LittleBallofHate said:

Well what do we think - is JQ in shape? 


I’m really disappointed in myself. The real joke here that should’ve been made is:


or alternatively:

Q is taking “Now We Rise” too literally. 

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