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Rick Kowalsky and Mike Grier named assistant coaches


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On 7/23/2018 at 1:45 PM, titans04 said:

Kowalski is a great guy who demands respect from his players. He's been a winner at every level and has always worked his ass off. In the past he's always been an offensive minded coach. Although he learned the importance of protecting the house from Haviland along the way. 

I used to see Kowalski here in Norfolk (ECHL) he was Capt. and the team had great attendance back then.  He fought every so often played pp, overall good player.

With that, i'm guessing Sarge "applied" for the job in Bing?  Do you think he'd stay if he doesn't get the HC position? I hope he does. Also, would a guy like Pandolfo apply? Or are you paid better as an asst on the big team? (not suggesting he'd be a great coach)

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@ChrisRyan_NJ    Sergei Brylin will remain as an assistant coach with new Binghamton Devils coach Mark Dennehy

ETA: Here's a good read to go with the tweet:  



Fitzgerald had three desires for his ideal coaching candidate: someone with head coaching experience, someone who can teach, and someone who can motivate and inspire to create a fun yet demanding environment.


Dennehy has ties to people in the Devils' organization, with some coming in recent years and other relationships forming long ago. He coached prospect Brett Seney for the last four seasons at Merrimack. He knows Brian Boyle. Dennehy even coached an 8-year-old Kyle Palmieri.

Oddly enough, he once offered Fitzgerald a job. When Fitzgerald retired from his playing career, Dennehy offered him a spot as an assistant coach. Fitzgerald turned down the gig, choosing to take time and focus on a path to management.


"One bit of advice I got from someone in the pro game is you want to follow someone that's successful and learn as much from them as you can," Dennehy said. "There are a lot of really good hockey minds (in the Devils' organization), and that's one of the things I'm most excited about, is learning from them."

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