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Harris and Blitzer betting big on Newark

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6 minutes ago, thecoffeecake said:

Oof, hit a nerve did I? Sorry, snowflake. 

Of course Newark has no tax base, do you understand concepts like deindustrialization and white flight (you can go right ahead and play the "race card" card on that one. White flight is a simple, indisputable fact). You understand that by 1970, most of Newark's wealth had fled to the suburbs and its jobs to the Sun Belt or overseas? You acknowledge yourself Newark has no tax base and can't afford basic services, and you think that's because the people that are left don't have work ethic or business acumen? I assume you have a firm grasp on basic concepts of market economics, maybe you can explain to me how a business generates revenue selling products and services in a city gutted of its wealth and sources of income. Do you think rubbing your arm against a wall until it ejaculates elbow grease does the trick? 

I want to come to understand this theory that residents of a city are the only ones responsible for its decline. A hundred years ago, most cities that today suffer from endemic violence and poverty were more or less prosperous, by standard measures. Are you suggesting that all at one time, after World War Two, there was a drastic and immediate cultural shift that occurred in every major city on the east coast and mid west that led to residents becoming lazy and wanting to shoot each other? That's the final answer? That's quite remarkable. 

Redlining isn't a "buzz word", it was federal policy until the late 60's. You don't even need to go to one of those college degrees you righties have become so disdainful of to learn how to use Google. 

I'm sorry that you believe in the magic dirt theory of prosperity and the pseudoscience of the blank slate theory of human development.  It would be harmless if it was just confined to you and your drum circle, but they unfortunately seem to be the prevailing wisdom.

Redlining is not a buzzword, but it's a stupid and idiotic theory as to why Newark, Irvington and Camden are sh!tholes.  Other stuff happened since then, like the Fair Housing Act, and various lawsuits that forced lenders to actually give mortgages to people that were previously redlined (hint, it didn't turn out so well). 

The explosion in violence in cities began in the early sixties.  A very specific demographic was responsible for it, which is borne out by every data point you can ever look at.  If that fact triggers you, well facts don't care about your feels.

Why do people turn out to be violent?  On average, most violent criminals are not clever gangsters like you saw on The Wire, who rationally commit murder and are always one step ahead of the cops.  For the most part they have low IQs and poor impulse control.  Believe me, I deal with it in my legal practice.  Those things are genetic.  Environment plays a role of course in the fact that a great deal of them don't have any sort of authority figures in their lives except other criminals.  But whatever it is, it's not caused by "racism" (whatever that means these days), police brutality or anything else MSNBC, Vox or Cory Booker tells you.  I'm sorry if that answer doesn't appeal to you, but, you know what, you can try and do all of the "implicit bias training" among all parts of society including the police department, send your antifa thug friends after anyone you perceive to be "racist" and maybe some actual racists, and all the other things your braindead and ignorant professors told you about, it will not make Newark's murder rate decline in any appreciable way.  I think you know this, by the way, but you don't care.  So in reality, you're the one who doesn't give a sh!t about all the dead bodies in places you say you care about.  Or in layman's terms, you're full of sh!t and you know it.

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