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Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains SJW Detachment from Reality

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This author of this blog post is a criminal defense attorney whose practice included defending drug dealers in the Bronx.  He's specifically addressing a silly movement to have people convicted of "non-violent" drug crimes reparations, but there are some very perceptive observations regarding what is actually going on as a general matter.  Some snippets below the link.



I know these “good Samaritans” well. I defended quite a few of these great humanitarians, maybe even some the writer remembers from her days in the South Bronx. They were fun days, filled with tiny vials of crack and kids killing for the turf of a decent street corner spot or banging some old lady over the head for their fix.


But what they were not was great humanitarians, helping out their brother man by supplying a desired pastime. Don’t pay for your crack and see how sweetly they tried to persuade you to honor your responsibilities. And if the only way to get the loot to cover your debt meant some random person got beaten or robbed, well, that was had to be done because you needed that next fix.


I’ve spent a good deal of time of late trying to explain to young activists why they’re not helping to achieve viable reform by indulging in their psychotic delusions of denial, their fantasy versions of reality, their weeping over systemic horrors that aren’t quite systemic and weren’t entirely unjustified.

This post was a prime example of pushing a lie so ridiculous, so unfathomably laughable, as to render its writer, and its publisher, a joke. Serious people have fought to get New York to enact an expungement statute to no avail. So instead, proffer a story so absurdly false, plus call for commutation, reversal of convictions and, ta da, reparations?

This didn’t appear at the Marshall Project by accident, but because the young and unduly passionate believe this insane nonsense, spout lies they want to believe and demand solutions that are so outrageous as to be off-the-charts offensive.

And someone like me, a criminal defense lawyer who is supposed to be on their team, refusing to indulge in their delusions and instead fighting for rational solutions based on reality, is the worst of the bad guys. After all, no one is worse than a traitor to the cause, even when the cause is a rom com fantasy.


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lol @ reparations.  Holy crap has the SJW gone even further off the deep end.

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