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2018 Pre-Season Thread

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The Athletic is absolutely worth the subscription. I wouldn't pay for anything else but the stuff they put out is always so much better than most of what else you'll read from main stream outlets.


As for the article - it touched on how Greene was there for Larsson when his dad died because Andy faced similar when his dad died and mentioned how Parise was in touch with him because Zach dealt with JP passing. Basically a way to pay it forward.

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I forked up the money for an Athletic sub last year and I highly recommend it, especially if you're like me and have enough down time at work to read an article or two. They have special offers pretty regularly so it's easy to wait for a price reduction, and it easily has the best hockey writers out of any paid blog. A lot of insightful stuff on there, I particularly like Dom Luchyshyn, Tyler Dellow, Corey Pronman, and Justin Bourne.

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I don't have a subscription and I wouldn't pay for it but I downloaded their app and was able to read the article for free and it says I can read 2 more articles for free this month. 

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